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91 line~~ Barcelona, Spain."That blog it's about nothing in particular" -> that's what it was written before, but tbh there's more k-pop that anything so is about k-pop (EXO, BTOB, BAP, BTS, Infinite mostly, but some more too) and sometimes photos that I like ^^
Yehet & Galaxy
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"I believe that we are improving as we go up step by step towards things that we’ve dreamed of since our debut. I feel very honored, thankful, enjoyable, and happy to be able to share that dream with our Babys. […] Make sure to always eat well and always laugh a lot as well. And I hope that you would all always be healthy as well. 
We’ll continue to grow more through better stages, and come back more matured, so I hope you will wait just a bit till we return then. I’m always thankful, thanking, love, and respect you.”
- Yongguk

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Exo through showtimes

 ↳ Baekhyun

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Kris says hi~! (((\(^_^)

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Title: 140308 푸른밤 closing
Artist: jonghyun
Album: cred@ suncheonboy
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jonghyun: is there anyone, from our blue night family, that is crying alone?

not crying of pity, but asking, “why am i living like this?” is there anyone that is feeling uselessly sentimental and guilty? 

don’t be like that. i hope you think those bitter days of crying alone are the most beautiful days of your life. you’ll realize with time that your life is actually, pretty alright. i promise you. i’ll write you a guarantee! 

the most beautiful thing in the world is right now, this moment, you. don’t ever forget. 

today’s closing song is boohwal’s “friend, do you know? (친구야, 너는 아니?). until now, it has been blue night, this is jonghyun.  

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then & now

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